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Toilet Paper Won't Help With This

Posted: March 16th, 2020, 12:12 pm
by Daniel V.
As you watch this video put aside buzzwords like 'deep state', conspiracy, etc., beyond these words it is basically about the intent of some people. Just listen to what is being related and in your own discernment ask yourself if this could really happen, if there are people who would harbor such intent.

My personal opinion is that yes, it could happen, but it posits that there will be a 'force' of people, military, law enforcement, etc., ready to enforce the 'roundup'. But if history is any indication then it has shown that not all of those in the 'force' will be sympathetic to the operation. Many of those in the force will experience conflict because they are 'citizens' just like we are citizens. They will wonder why our citizens are now considered, 'terrorists'.

Will this situation pan out as the person in the video says? My feeling is that it won't but it would be foolish to discount it altogether. Let us hope that those who are called upon to enforce these possible measures recognize what they are called upon to do. Only in that recognition will the truth be known - and those who don't want it known. And again, I remind others that when the house is in chaos, predators use the back door. Right now it's wondering if you'll be able to get toilet paper, don't let it get to a shortage of your God-given freedoms. Don't freak out, keep things in focus. If there is anything the "deep state" doesn't like is when the numbers of people - and their resolve - exceed the ability to be controlled.

According to statistics, "The federal government currently employs about 2 million full-time employees, excluding Postal Service workers." and, "Total active duty strength as of February 28, 2019, was 1,359,685 service members, with an additional 799,845 people in the seven reserve components.Civilian Department of Defense Employees numbered at 744,005 in December 2018. The Department of Defense is the largest employer in the world."

That tallies to around 2,903,535. The adult population of the U.S. (18 and over) is around 209,128,094. It is inconceivable to me to think that 98.7% of the American adult population is going to 'roll over and play dead freedom' because 1.3% of the population tells them to do so. So, for all of you that worry about 'immigration' and all the other 'packaged' concerns, there is a psychological immigration afoot that as I said elsewhere doesn't care whether you're far-left, far-right, or anywhere in between. You have been apprised.

Are there those in the armed forces and government who believe in the truth and the promise of America? Yes, ABSOLUTELY. To them I say, I hope you believe in us like we hope and believe in you.

So, if by the time you read this everything seems back to normal, then good. But just remember that it won't be the end of strategies by those who wish America ill in their fog of self-entitled authoritarianism and with those in other countries whose disruption of our way of life has become increasingly evident. To counter this effectively we need leaders of truth in government, not psychological carpetbaggers and profiteers who care more about their bottom-lines and bias-confirming think tanks.

Lastly, do you have any young children? By the time 2076 rolls around they will be in their 50s. It is up to you, to us, whether on that 4th of July they will celebrate, feel remorse, or worse.

Toilet Paper Won't help With This

After the above video, then have a look at the following one for balance. I think the truth of all of this is somewhere between the two videos.

Re: Toilet Paper Won't Help With This

Posted: March 23rd, 2020, 11:40 am
by Geoff23
This virus is a golden opportunity for the human race. Not only will there be a sharp drop in greenhouse emissions this year, the entire global economy is going to have to be reset. Everybody's perspective on all sorts of things is likely to change.

Those in power must not be allowed to re-impose the old status quo. The post-COVID19-world must be much more sustainable and much less unequal. And just for once, that isn't just an empty dream. The opportunity for change is real.

Re: Toilet Paper Won't Help With This

Posted: March 25th, 2020, 6:45 am
by Daniel V.

You have positive and inspiring thoughts on this which I agree with and others would too. :-)

But the second paragraph is what gives me concern: "Those in power must not be allowed to re-impose the old status quo." In what manner do we 'not allow' those in power to re-impose their long-running position? By vote? By protest? By revolution? The first two are somewhat accepted as the means to such but the attitude toward them seems one of Bread and Circuses. And if it's revolution then needless to say even the most well-meaning person would be labeled a terrorist of some type. I mean, if the Constitution has taken such a trashing from the current 'administration' then what do the people of the U.S. have in terms of leverage?

Again, I agree with your optimism but for the kind of change you note it would have to be an almost universal awareness from all parties - and especially the powers that be - that change for the better is necessary. If I may rephrase, one man's change for the better is another man's change for the worse. For a fundamental change where all concerned think it's for the better it would almost have to be something spiritual yet logically comprehensive. I hope that is the case.